3rd month in Brussels


3 months ago, I left Malaysia to be with my fiance in Brussels. Since I arrived, many people have asked me about how I am coping in such a foreign place, a place so different to Malaysia. For starters, the weather here is tricky..you’d never be able to predict the temperature here at all. It can be nice and sunny one day and super cold and gloomy the next. Well, coming from a country that is summer all year long I honestly don’t mind the cold at all. I like it in fact (maybe I’ll change my mind after one year, who knows).

Back in Malaysia, I was spoiled with having my own car hence moving around was never a hassle. Now, my mode of transportation (when fiancé is at work) are my very own two feet. 🙂 Thank god for GPS & YELP, I could almost go anywhere without getting lost. My most recent discovery was eCab! This changed everything..my mode of transportation has just received wheels!! This application is fantastic! I can book a cab from anywhere in Brussels in just minutes. My next attempt is to try the bus, then the tramp. How can now live in Brussels and not ride the tramp isn’t it? 🙂

French or Dutch? Neither. I do not speak or understand any of those language. So is it difficult coping with just English language here in Brussels? Mostly no. Most people in Brussels do speak English, Brussels has quite a good mix of EU citizens coming in or living here for work purposes, it is the capital for European Union anyway. This is however different in France though, most people do not speak English there…even if they know of some basic words, they just refuse to speak it. There is one big challenge that I personally face at the moment..which I am sure I will overcome very soon…English books!!!! I am deprived of this now…it is hard to find titles in English here. Some press shops do sell English (UK Version) magazines..expensive but if you’re desperate you’d pay I’m sure. The only annoying thing about buying UK version mags is..when there is a promotion ad that screams your name, you will not be able to get it..because you’re in Brussels..not London! Haha..I suggest ebooks from now on.

Since I got here, I had been eating gluten and lactose free meals. LOL…No, I am not gluten or lactose intolerant..my fiancé is. So this means we can’t really eat out, say hello to chef Cheryl! I had no idea how to cook for a gluten intolerant so I read up many site like mayoclinic, all recipes.com, simplygluten-free and many more of such websites. I didn’t want to poison my fiancé with my cooking. 🙂 Asian food are generally zero gluten and zero lactose, hence it was easy for me to adapt my asian recipes for my fiancé. Oh yes..it is also easy to find asian ingredients and spices here in Brussels. I usually shop for them at Carrefour or Delhaize. On the positive end of eating gluten and lactose free meals..the pounds and inches are shedding on their own..who am I to complain? 😉




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